HTPC Movie Launcher

HTPC Movie Launcher 1.12

The program stores all the movies data in the sub-folder MovieInfos
1.12 (See all)
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However, MC only supported Windows Media Player and My Movies only supported TheaterTek DVD, not PowerDVD and Nero ShowTime. The problem with TheaterTek DVD (at the time of this writing) was that it did not support high definition video files such as AVCHD or MPEG-2 HD. Movies was also somewhat a bloated program that used SQL Server to store movie data, which was kind of overkill for some users who only want a simple movie library and launching software. Then contemplating to use media player devices such as those from MvixUSA but some of those cannot play H.264 files, none has gigabit NIC so they’re pretty slow in transferring gigabytes of video files. HTPC Movie Launcher that could launch whatever player I want, had a better movie navigating interface, and infinite amount of storage. Used eSATA docks for movie library so when a drive runs out of space, Simply eject it and plug in a new drive (are you going to keep buying additional popcorn hour units when you run out of space? 1 terabyte drive won’t go very far with HD movies, each terabyte drive can only hold roughly about 30 blu-ray movies.)

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